Salzburg lives – even in the crisis

Canceled events, ghostly emptiness on the streets, Salzburg is in a state of emergency. But Salzburg is alive, even and especially during the crisis. In Chinese, the word crisis means danger on the one hand, but also opportunity on the other.

Making a virtue out of necessity!

In the meantime, a number of Salzburg institutions and facilities have left the initial shock behind them, seized the opportunity and made a virtue out of necessity. They are moving their activities online. Virtual museum tours, online concerts, readings, workshops and much more bring Salzburg’s cultural scene into the user’s own four walls. Now there is enough time for many to explore interesting topics and stories from Salzburg’s rich cultural landscape. And thus to find enough reasons to then experience Salzburg live again after the crisis.

Is Pride taking place?

Salzburg’s LGBTI scene is also active in the background. For several events in the near future, such as the Long Night of Diversity or the Pride Boat, alternative dates are being sought. Gigi La Pajette, Salzburg’s drag queen, has unceremoniously moved her activities to Facebook and entertains the community with horoscopes, lays cards and looks into her crystal ball. Perhaps she will soon be able to see when the Long Night of Diversity planned for May 9 will take place as a replacement and when the Pride Boat will set sail on Lake Wolfgang? And what will become of the CSD? When it will be said again: Salzburg lives, live!

Now is not the time to mope around and bury our heads in the sand – even if the health and economic consequences of this crisis are frightening. Instead, it’s time to believe that there will be a life after the crisis. And then to travel to beautiful Salzburg with all the more desire to discover it.

Published 29. March 2020Updated 6. June 2023
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