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Your personal Corona Manager

“Mouth/nose protection must be worn at indoor events (except at the assigned seating area).” One of the currently applicable rules for events of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection. For more than 200 people, a mandatory COVID-19 prevention concept with a mandatory COVID-19 officer is to be created, your personal Corona manager, so to speak. Visitor flows are to be made traceable. Resulting in the recommendation to maintain a system for voluntary recording of attendances. Fixed places on a boat party? May be necessary and sensible at the moment, but makes the Pride Boat simply unattractive.

Therefore, we decided yesterday to cancel the Pride Boat on the Wolfgangsee for this year. We don’t want to and can’t be your personal Corona manager and take the responsibility for all eventualities on ourselves. Even if the boat cruises over the lake, it is still an indoor event. In addition, the Wolfgangsee of all places has been in the press as a Corona hotspot in recent weeks. Also not a good omen for an event at this location. So unfortunately we have no choice but to add the Pridie Boat to the long list of cancelled events by Corona.

Salzburg Pride Parade 2019 Photo: HOSI Salzburg

At the Salzburg Pride from September 4 to 6, things are a bit different. It is exclusively an outdoor event. Different rules apply there. In the fresh air the virus has much less chance and also at the CSD Salzburg a hygiene concept is followed. Of course, everyone will decide for themselves how to deal with it. Possibly for a long time, if you look at the development of corona infections worldwide. From therefore the Salzburg CSD is this year perhaps for the time being the last opportunity to experience something similar to known normality. See you in Salzburg.

Let’s get Loud – Salzburg Pride, 4. bis 6. September

Published 13. August 2020Updated 4. June 2023

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