40 years of HOSI Salzburg

This year, the Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Salzburg celebrates a round birthday with 40 years of HOSI.

Established in 1980 in a completely different social climate, the HOSI is today not only very active socio-politically with counselling services, group meetings and activities at school. Scene is also an expression of the diversity of the rainbow and the joy of life associated with it. And so the HOSI shows a clear presence for a sustainable acceptance of the queer scene in Salzburg at festivals, parties, events and of course with the regular opening hours of the HOSI bar on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Attractive reasons for a visit to Salzburg

The HOSI Salzburg organises the Pride Salzburg, the HOSI Festival in the ARGEkultur four times a year, is present at many city events and cooperates with cultural institutions in Salzburg such as the Mozarteum Foundation or the Salzburg Landestheater. Every 3rd Friday of the month, fetish lovers meet in the HOSI rooms for “HOSI goes Fetish”. Twice a year there is the Feminale, a party by women for women. In this way, the HOSI creates many attractive reasons to travel to Salzburg. Without the HOSI, the Salzburg scene would be much sleepier.

On 1 March 2020, the management of HOSI Salzburg changed. Anton Cornelia Wittmann is the first trans person to head the HOSI. In an interview with meinbezirk.at he answers questions, among others about 40 years of HOSI.

The HOSI bar is a good place to go for all tourists on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm. Here you can get an overview of queer Salzburg, browse through various information and maybe meet a nice Salzburg resident at the bar 😉


Published 27. June 2021Updated 6. June 2023