View over the Mirabell Gardens to the Old Town. ©Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

First steps after Corona

Tourismus Salzburg has published a preliminary overview of the reopening dates of many Salzburg museums and sights (as of 11.05.), sorted by approximate time periods – first steps to Corona. It’s nice to see that almost all the renowned institutions are included. When the borders open again soon and the hotels are open again at the end of May, it will be possible to plan a trip to the beautiful city on the Salzach in more detail. Salzburg is conveniently located on the border to Germany.

Until that time comes, the people of Salzburg can once again take a guided tour of their city. The tourist guides have resumed their work and are currently offering guided tours for locals. This makes a virtue out of necessity and gives the citizens of the city the opportunity to go in search of clues on their own doorstep outside the tourist hustle and bustle. The Salzburger Nachrichten accompanied a city tour for locals and let Salzburgers have their say.

Die Fremdenfüher in Salzburg haben ihre Arbeit wieder aufgenommen.
Die Salzburger Nachrichten waren dabei.

The city tours for gays and lesbians can also be booked again. Homos existed 400 years ago, and they certainly left their mark on Salzburg. Roman Forisch, a certified city guide, tells anecdotes about this and other topics on the two-hour queer city tour. And if you happen to meet a newly married couple in Mirabell Palace in the park, that’s very charming.

In any case, we are happy about the first steps towards Corona and the beginning of a slow return to normality. Even though it may look different than we remember, it will be good to be among people again. And especially in wonderful Salzburg.

Published 27. June 2021Updated 29. April 2023