HOSI im Andräviertel
So viel Sichtbarkeit war nie: Die Litfaßsäulen der Umgebung am neuen Standort sagen „Welcome!“


Slowly, we have all more or less arrived in 2023. This also applies to the HOSI Salzburg, which has finally arrived in its new domicile at Franz-Josef-Straße 22 since last weekend (19-21 January).

It took at least two months of moving until everything is ready. The HOSI Salzburg has had a new address since 1 December 2022 and celebrated the successful move from Thursday to Saturday. On Thursday, 19 January, there was a reception for dignitaries of the city: representatives of almost all political institutions and parties honoured the HOSI. First and foremost was Mayor Harald Preuner, who emphasised that he too had gone through a learning process and now saw the necessity of an institution like the HOSI very clearly. City councillor Anja Hagenauer, state councillors Andrea Klambauer and Martina Berthold and many other representatives of various groups in the city were among the well-wishers.

Salzburg vor 42 Jahren

Walter Klappacher, a contemporary witness from 42 years ago, told the story of the founding of the HOSI Salzburg as an association in the city of Salzburg in a touching and vivid way – and the resistance that had to be fought at that time.

Nicole Steger from IKEA expressed that it was a matter close to her heart to support the work and visibility of HOSI Salzburg. IKEA sponsored the furnishing of the premises. The advertising agency Salic had provided HOSI Salzburg with a completely new overall graphic appearance free of charge. Progress Werbung, responsible for public advertising space in Salzburg, sponsored the temporary occupation of the advertising pillars and advertising space in the immediate vicinity for HOSI Salzburg. Nane Frühstückl gave the event its musical swing.

On Friday evening, members&friends of HOSI Salzburg were invited to the Welcome Party – with a show by Gigi LaPajette and three of her Austrian drag queen colleagues. On Saturday evening, all volunteers were cooked for and celebrated together. “We have arrived in the middle of society,” said HOSI director Conny Felice in an interview with meinbezirk.at on 20.01. It’s true: with the new location, HOSI Salzburg has taken a huge step towards more visibility of queer lifestyles in the city of Salzburg. What a start to the new year.

What’s next for queer Salzburg can be found in the “Upcoming events” and “Art&Festivals” calendar on gaysalzburg.at. The calendar has become more and more extensive over the last few months. Maybe there’s something in it for a trip to Salzburg? See you in Salzburg!

Published 22. January 2023Updated 29. April 2023
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