Tanz in den Mai Salzburg

Gigi’s Rosa Stadl dances into May

Gigi LaPajette is currently out of action due to foot surgery. But she will be fit again by 30 April. Because that’s when Gigi’s rosa Stadl dances into May – with Salzburg’s queer community.

Gigi La Pajette is Salzburg’s model drag queen and is almost part of the HOSI Salzburg inventory. “We’re not giving her away any more” said HOSI board member Doris some time ago. Indeed, Gigi has achieved a lot in recent years with her commitment to queer life in the Mozart city of Salzburg. Most recently, the new format “Gigi’s rosa Stadl” started last October with a hearty Oktoberfest in traditional costume. Now “Gigi’s Rosa Stadl” will continue on 30 April with the Tanz in den Mai (Dance into May).

The “Dance into May” (Walpurgis Night) is a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages. The name Walpurgis Night is derived from St. Walburga, an abbess from England (around 750 AD). This saint’s day of remembrance was celebrated on 1 May in the Middle Ages. Many Walpurgis rites live on in rural May customs.

Spring is said to enhance fertility

The maypole, usually a birch tree, is a fertility symbol. On Walpurgis, the maypoles are traditionally brought from the forest into the village to be placed in front of the loved one’s house. People dance around the tree in the centre of the village. In pre-Christian times, ritual acts of love in the fields were supposed to transfer human fertility to the soil. (from Wikipedia).

We’ll see if there will be any ritual love acts at Gigi’s rosa Stadl in the Urbankeller. But at the very least, traditional costumes, good humour, hearty food, free beer, sexy boys, schnapps specials, music and many other surprises are on the cards. Miss LaThoya, Mademoiselle Giselle & Trina Crystal will once again provide an entertaining drag show together with Gigi. Mademoiselle Giselle will be at the DJ booth.

The official afterhour will be at Mexxx from 3 am. Practical: Mexxx is only a few steps away from Urbankeller.

Gigi’s Rosa Stadl dances into May. 30.04.2023 from 7 pm Urbankeller, Schallmoser Hauptstraße 50 VVK https://events.eventjet.at/e/gigis-rosa-stadl-tanz-in-den-mai-edition/ 14.-€, AK 16.-€ (Including welcome drink). Please make your table reservation after purchasing your ticket with the exact number of persons by e-mail to Reservierung-RosaStadl@hotmail.com. Reservations will be kept until 8 pm, warm food is available until 10 pm.

Here’s what it was like.

Published 15. March 2023Updated 31. May 2023
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