Hair Salzburg State Theatre
Simon Stockinger und Julia-Elena Heinrich

Putin go home!

The Salzburg State Theatre will play the musical “Hair” – created as a protest against the Vietnam War in 1968 – from 15.10.2022. Putin’s aggressive attack on Ukraine has given the musical classic an unexpected topicality.

1965 – the USA is embroiled in the Vietnam War. The images of the war disturb more and more people, and a protest movement establishes itself. The actors Gerome Ragni and James Rado write a theatre text about the growing discontent of the population. The former organist and church musician Galt MacDermot wrote the music. The musical called “Hair” premiered on Broadway in New York in 1968.

“Hair” is an energetic experience full of powerful rock music and psychedelic trips. Through its raw wildness, experimental storytelling and political punch, the theatre became the stage for the peace movement and youth counterculture for the first time. Songs like “Let The Sunshine In” and “Ain’t Got No” subsequently became global hits.

Like no other musical, “Hair” is a plea against war – and since Putin’s attack on Ukraine it is once again red-hot. This rock musical conveys the longing for a better and more peaceful future. Today, the question arises as to what constitutes a peaceful future – with all the misguided claims to power around the world. Actually, it should be possible for all people on this planet to live together peacefully. Or should it not? So: Putin – go home.

From 15 October to 20 November, “Hair” is on the programme of the Salzburg Landestheater with 9 performances. As director and artistic director of the musical section, Andreas Gergen has made the Salzburg Landestheater a fixture on the musical scene. The musical director is Wolfgang Götz, who conducted “The Sound of Music” at the Landestheater.

“Hair” at the Salzburg State Theatre, 15.10. to 20.11.2022

Published 15. October 2022Updated 30. January 2023
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