That was the Salzburg Pride 2022

A Pride Week with mostly very well attended events, a pride parade with more participants than ever before and a brilliant Pride Night at the ARGEkultur – that was Salzburg Pride 2022.

The number of 5,000 participants in this year’s Pride parade was talked about last night. Almost twice as many as last year. This had already been foreshadowed during Pride Week. 29 events during Pride Week attracted a lot of people, the organisers could be satisfied with the presence of the rainbow in the human rights city of Salzburg.

On Saturday from 4 pm onwards, thousands of people and many representatives of federal, provincial and local politics gathered on the forecourt of Salzburg’s main railway station. It was already clear that this year’s Pride would bring a further increase in the number of participants compared to last year. This year – in contrast to previous years – the entire station forecourt was filled with a colourful crowd. After the announcement of the political demands, the parade started with a delay of almost one hour around 6 pm. The reason was the malfunctioning generator on the first of two music trucks that accompanied the parade procession for the first time.

At around 7 pm, the demonstration reached the Staatsbrücke. A minute‘s silence was supposed to be held here for Malte, who died in a homophobic attack at the Münster Pride on 27 August. However, a short summer storm with strong gusts and heavy rain prevented this, as well as the final rally at Nonntal University. Many participants got soaking wet. At least it stayed warm. The parade nevertheless reached its destination at the ARGEkultur, where a brilliant Pride Night was to take place despite the weather capers.

The Pride Night then became an unforgettable highlight of Pride Week Salzburg. Gigi La Pajette and her Austrian drag queen colleagues delivered a half-hour show that was in no way inferior to the glamour of Hollywood. Across the hall there was a catwalk on which the ladies walked in and reached the stage. There they performed to evergreens from the history of musicals and songs. The audience went along enthusiastically. That was great!

One floor below, LMC Salzburg had created its own fetish and leather area. DJ Ambjörn Söderberg from Oslo played in the ARGEStudio. This set also had a lot to offer. Ambjörn was Mr. Leather Norway 2021 and has since made a name for himself as DJ K-PAXian in the European leather and fetish scene. He was DJ of the year 2022 of the Antwerp label Darkland. Ambjörn is a bundle of energy who consistently lives his maxim “Freedom – Rave – Euphoria“ with his darkroom sound. That was great!

So the organising team of Pride Week Salzburg and the HOSI Salzburg have outdone themselves this year. A defective generator? So what? A thunderstorm? So what? Happy people everywhere – and lots of them. What remains of this Salzburg Pride is an enormous step towards more visibility of the rainbow in everyday life in the city and acceptance of lifestyles that deviate from heteronormativity. That was the Salzburg Pride 2022. Stay visible Schatzi!

Published 4. September 2022Updated 24. March 2023
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