Gut Aiderbichl

Rescuing animals from emergency situations and enabling them to live on in dignity. That is the guiding principle of Gut Aiderbichl. In beautiful surroundings 20 kilometres north of Salzburg.

Aiderbichler animal rescuer Christian was on a farm because of other cattle and discovered bull Bandit. Bandit could not stand being tied up and had already chafed the stable wall – on a 40 cm long chain. Christian organised for Bandit to be moved to Gut Aiderbichl, where the bull performed a happy dance and thanked Christian with a very moving gesture.

The philosophy of Gut Aiderbichl

This is the philosophy of Gut Aiderbichl: rescue animals from emergency situations and give them a dignified continuation of life. For example, Stefan the bull. After a major fire on a farm, half of his hide was burned off. He was cared for on the Henndorf estate and now enjoys a carefree life. Recently in the company of Max and Munti, two dwarf bulls, of which Munti is a hermaphrodite. The three of them have become “the gang”. Or the two inseparable dwarf goats Stefan and Simone. As a wedding present, unfortunately, no one had thought about species-appropriate keeping of goats in winter. So the two found their way to Aiderbichl.

© Kerstin Joensson

It is very easy to get to Gut Aiderbichl by bus 130 from Salzburg main station in the direction of Straßwalchen (journey time 33 minutes). You can already buy the ticket for the estate from the bus driver. The bus driver informs the estate about the arrival of guests and then there is an electric car at the bus stop. You are then buzzed uphill to the estate in five minutes. Very smart! In addition to Gut Aiderbichl near Henndorf (20 km north of Salzburg), there are now 29 other estates in half of Europe. One of them has been the retirement home of laboratory monkeys used in HIV and hepatitis research since 2011.

© Gut Aiderbichl

In addition to exhibitions and events, the estate in Henndorf also has a consecrated chapel at a “power place” where gay couples can also get married. But above all, the estate invites you 365 days a year to a new experience in dealing with people and animals – and thus also with yourself.

Published 10. March 2020Updated 25. June 2023

Hyperion im Andräviertel

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Idyll at the lake

18 km north of Salzburg lies Mattsee, a town in the Salzburg Lake District – ideal for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Mattsee is also home to the driving museum. This museum pays tribute to Ferdinand Porsche, who set milestones in automobile construction at the beginning of the century, with Porsche tractors and ultimately as the father of the VW Beetle.

One of the most beautiful corners of Europe

Salzburg lies in beautiful surroundings at the foot of the Alps. Not only the city but also numerous surrounding towns offer great attractions. From the Eisriesenwelt to the Fahrtraum in Mattsee, the Gasteiner Tal or the Salzwelten, Hellbrunn Castle to the Lokwelt Freilassing. Salzburg is so diverse!

An afternoon at Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace was built about 400 years ago by Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus – as a pleasure palace and summer residence. visited the palace, the fountains and the extensive park with Selina and Lisa from Salzburg and Christoph and Andreas from Vienna. A world of its own! Great fun!