Halloween at Salzburg
Photo: HOSI Salzburg

Queer Halloween

Salzburg is not Haddonfield (USA), where John Carpenter filmed the horror classic “Halloween – the Night of Horror” in 1978. But you can get a taste of it on 31.10.2021 at the HOSI Salzburg.

“Halloween – the Night of Horror” was the starting signal for slasher films in the 1980s and 90s, which mostly depicted the centuries-old tradition of the eve of All Saints’ Day (1.11), the commemoration of the dead, in a bloodthirsty way. The Halloween tradition dates back to the 10th century, mostly celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries, and is ultimately historically rooted in church history. It is about remembering the dead. Modern Halloween has spread to us via the USA. Also to Salzburg.

Interestingly, for several years now, it has been the “Junge HOSI” (Young HOSI) that has devoted itself to this morbid festival. “It takes at least a week of preparation,” says Katharina from the HOSI Salzburg in the HOSI office. Spider webs want to be created, skulls and pumpkins have to be worked on. In Celtic history, Halloween also stands for the end of summer. And the pumpkin is pretty much the last summer fruit to be harvested.

Witches, vampires and zombies

Ghosts shudder from the ceiling, shrouded in the mist of the eponymous machine. Witches, vampires and zombies make the HOSI Salzburg unsafe, grim reapers scare people – the dead remember in a creepy way. The best costumes will be awarded a prize. And with a welcome shot it might be easier to slip into another role. The HOSI is giving one away.

So you can remember the dead in a creepy atmosphere and rejoice that we are alive – queer and proud!

31.10.2021 8 pm Queer Halloween Party at the HOSI Salzburg.

Published 15. October 2021Updated 25. June 2023
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