Christian Lillinger at Jazz&The City Salzburg 2021
Christian Lillinger is a drummer, composer and percussionist of the Modern Creative style and can be experienced live at Jazz&The City Salzburg 2021. Photo: Nino Halm

Autumn is here!

We have just recovered from the past and extremely successful Salzburg Pride 2021, and autumn is here!

Salzburg Pride 2021 was a great and successful sign of visibility for the city’s LGBT community. And had triggered some spontaneous actions and discussions in the aftermath. For example, the zebra crossing action of the city of Salzburg. On 22 September, the zebra crossing in front of Mirabell Palace was dyed rainbow-coloured to show the city’s openness to all colours of the rainbow. Politicians from the FPÖ then demanded that it be removed. Skirmishes from the day before yesterday – in the human rights city of Salzburg.

Now we look ahead to what awaits us in Salzburg in the coming weeks. From 14 to 17 October, Salzburg will become a jazz stronghold. Jazz & The City will offer jazz of every imaginable kind at a wide variety of venues within the walls of the old town. Free admission.

The trailer for Jazz&The City 2020 gives a good impression of what to expect atmospherically this year.

Tanto Tango will be staged four times at the Salzburg State Theatre in November. “As a dance, tango is the most beautiful thing there is. You have to approach it with strength, with a lot of tenderness and many hours of work,” says Argentinean tango expert Antonio Todaro. Strength and tenderness describe the ballet dancer’s most distinguished qualification, body tension. And so the ballet ensemble of the Salzburg Landestheater will offer an exciting dance experience on 4, 5, 11 and 13 November.

On 18 November, the time of the Christmas markets begins. Salzburg, with its medieval old town, is made for the fairytale atmosphere of Advent! The Christmas markets, Advent concerts and traditional events enchant all visitors.

Punch with the HOSI?

Salzburg’s Christmas market with over 500 years of history, handicraft products and traditional delicacies in front of the backdrop of Salzburg Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Advent markets in the world. And of course we hope that the HOSI Salzburg, as the organiser, can warm up to a punch stand at the Christmas market at the Alter Markt. At which we can then warm ourselves in pleasant company. That would also be a tradition by now.

The Winter Festival in the Volksgarten, the largest festival for circus acrobatics in the German-speaking world, starts on 9 December: acrobatic, magical, poetic. The final programme will be published on 5 November. The programme for 2020, when Winterfest had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, read very exciting. So we are curious to see what the organisers have planned for this year. Malin Brandl, artist on the trapeze at the closing rally of this year’s CSD, is connected to her hometown of Salzburg through the Circus Trainings Centrum (CTC) Salzburg, among other things. The CTC is a cooperation partner of the annual winter festival. And so the circles come full circle. More about that later. Trailer for the Winter Festival 2020, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Corona. From 9 December, the magic of the circus can once again be experienced in Salzburg.

Gingerbread and speculoos have been on sale for weeks. No doubt about it, Christmas is just around the corner. But since I don’t want to barge in with the door either, let’s look at Christmas another time. And hope that the motto of this year’s CSD Salzburg, “Love is in the Air”, will still be valid until then. See you in Salzburg.

Published 6. October 2021Updated 25. June 2023
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Tanto ... Tango!

Power and tenderness is tango – in ten performances at the Salzburg Landestheater (State Theatre) until February 2022. The dancers of the Salzburg Ballet Ensemble will devote themselves to the "dance of dances" with passion and offer an exciting dance experience at the Salzburg Landestheater. [Read more]

Love is in the Air - with aerial acrobatics

Love is in the Air is the motto of this year's CSD Salzburg. Air acrobat Malin Brandl, 24 years old and a native of Salzburg, will also be in the air. She will float through the air on a trapeze at the rally after the parade on Pride Saturday 4.09. and will be an attractive highlight of the Pride weekend. [Read more]

Salzburg is colourful!

As a prompt reaction of the city of Salzburg to discriminatory attacks against LGBT people in Austria in recent times, the city has coloured the zebra crossing in front of Mirabell Palace in rainbow colours. A visible sign in a prominent place for the presence of the rainbow community in Salzburg. [Read more]