Salzburger Kulturvereinigung

It won’t be quiet in October

After the summer festival season is before the festival season. But the musical offerings in Salzburg are also very exciting outside the summer months. From 2 to 22 October, the Salzburg Culture Days invite you to a programme that mixes classical orchestral music with modern musical styles.

A total of 11 programme items will be presented by the Salzburg Cultural Association, which will take the audience into the world of orchestral music. Particular attention should be paid to “Verboten Schön” and “Ein Freund, ein guter Freund”. These bring to life works by composers who were banned during the National Socialist era. Another highlight is the “Swing Symphony”, in which a big band and a symphony orchestra play jazz pieces together.

Forbidden beautiful

The performance “Verboten Schön” (Forbidden beautiful) makes it possible to experience forbidden music from the National Socialist era. “Verboten Schön” because the pieces that were forbidden at the time can be enjoyed again today in their musical beauty. Under the direction of renowned conductor Claudio Vandelli, works by composers such as Erwin Schulhoff and Hanns Eisler, whose music was ostracised by the Nazis as degenerate art, will be presented. This performance serves as a reminder of the suppression of artists and their works. The concert presents a mixture of classical music, jazz and contemporary sounds. The aim of the performance is to raise awareness of the importance of artistic freedom and the impact of censorship on creative expression. The audience is encouraged to reflect on the historical contexts and universal relevance of these issues.

A friend, a good friend

“Ein Freund, ein guter Freund” is also dedicated to composers banned by the Nazis and their works. The marching song composed by Werner Richard Heymann in 1930 for the sound film operetta “Die Drei von der Tankstelle” begins with the words “Ein Freund, ein guter Freund” in its refrain. Pieces by film music makers such as Werner Richard Heymann, Walter Jurmann and Co are performed here. These had to flee from the Nazis and build a new life as composers in the United States. Not many artists managed to find success after their flight. Heymann was one of the lucky ones who, despite immense difficulties, built a great career in Hollywood’s film music. The performance is a tribute to artistic creation and overcoming adversity during this time.

Swing Symphony

The “Swing Symphony” unites the well-known Lungau Big Band and the Bruckner Orchestra Linz in a performance consisting of two parts. In the first part – together with singer Chanda Rule – big band classics are played. In the second part, the symphony orchestra plays six movements together with the big band, which will send the audience on a journey through various jazz styles.

Great music at a small price

In addition to the musical highlights, the Salzburg Culture Days are also distinguished by the affordable ticket price for young people. Visitors under 27 years of age have the opportunity to get tickets at a price of 13€, which is especially practical for students. The Salzburg Festival of Culture 2023 offers the opportunity to experience the world of orchestral music while reflecting on the importance of art in times of oppression. (fn)

Salzburger Kulturtage (Salzburg Culture Days) 2 to 22.10.2023 The performances take place at various well-known venues in Salzburg, such as the Festspielhaus, the Mozarteum or the Franziskanerkirche. Detailed information is always given in the event description. Tickets are also available here.

Published 23. June 2023

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