Roman Forisch: Mr. queer city tour Salzburg

Queer city tour Salzburg

As in other (and much larger) metropolises in Europe such as Berlin, Vienna or London, there are also queer city tours in Salzburg. These lead to places where homosexual personalities are known to have worked and played a decisive role in the city’s fate.

It’s no wonder that homosexuals have also played an active role in Salzburg’s 1000-year history. Because even 1000 years ago, Salzburg attracted people of all mental colours. The city’s location north of the Alps has always had strategic importance.

Roman Forisch, Salzburg born and bred and certified Austriaguide, has turned this exciting historical breeding ground into queer city tours. In an interview with, he tells us how it came about and what to expect on such a tour.

Roman Forisch from Salzburg to New York and back to Salzburg: Travelling educates.

In 785 – before Salzburg was officially founded – Arn of Salzburg was appointed the first archbishop there. An exciting time during the reign of Charlemagne and Pope Leo III, Arn not only had a lot of influence and diplomatic skills between the emperor and the pope but obviously also a very intimate relationship with another abbot.

Roman about male relationships around 1200 years ago – Archbishop Arn of Salzburg, Charlemagne and Pope Leo III.

About 1100 years later, it was another envoy in Salzburg who caused a stir. The brother of the Habsburg emperor Franz-Josef I.

Roman about the Habsburg Emperor Franz-Josef I, his youngest brother Ludwig-Viktor and about the relationship between Salzburg and Vienna.

Many other historical personalities such as the physician Paracelsus (1494 to 1541), the explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769 to 1859) or the writer Georg Trakl (1887 to 1914) have left their mark in Salzburg. Their sexual identity is still being discussed today. Or not any more.

Roman also likes to show his personal favourite places on the tour, including the Humboldt Terrace, from which you have a wonderful view of Salzburg’s old town. Or frescoes in the cathedral quarter with Hephaistos, the lover of Alexander the Great.

Roman recommends the DomQuartier in Salzburg as a place steeped in history. It brings together 5 museums, including the north oratory of the cathedral, for a tour through over 1000 years of Salzburg’s history.

In Salzburg’s history, homosexuals have always been involved in the development of today’s total work of art called Salzburg. So it’s only natural to take a closer look at these queer references. That’s why we have the queer city tour of Salzburg.

Queer city tour Salzburg. On 6.04., 4.05., 1.06., 6.07., 3.08. and for the Pride on 7.09.2023 Registration at

Published 7. August 2021Updated 30. March 2024

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