Queer im Pinzgau

That was the Unken Pride 2023

The Unken Pride 2023 last Saturday made the small mountain village of Unken in Pinzgau shine in rainbow colours. Around 300 participants sent a signal that diversity and love of all kinds have a place and are appreciated not only in the anonymous big cities, but also in the countryside.

Led by a tractor decorated in rainbows, the colourful parade marched through Unken and was greeted by many waving hands and happy faces. Various local businesses and private individuals let rainbow flags fly from their windows and balconies, showing solidarity in action.

We are Rainbow Ambassadors

“All of you who are here are rainbow ambassadors. You are people who accept yourselves as you are and thereby also accept other people in all their diversity. We stand against exclusion. We are a colourful and diverse society and need events like this in every village,” said Klaus Horvat-Unterdorfer, national spokesperson of the Greens Andersrum. Also this year, as an important part of the demonstration, demands were made to the politicians. Many grievances, such as conversion therapy, which is still legal in Austria, still stand in the way of comprehensive protection and complete equality. “Especially in the countryside, Pride parades and people who take part in them make it easier for others to come out,” said Anton Cornelia Wittmann, social worker at HOSI Salzburg.

Especially in small communities, every single person and every single voice makes a big difference, encouraging others to stand up for themselves and others. Every participant in the demonstration set a colourful sign of acceptance, especially for those who could not be there. Even some Unken residents, who initially watched the parade from the roadside, decided to actively join in and show their support. Developments like this show that things are improving. Initiatives like the Unken Pride contribute their share. (fn)

Published 19. July 2023Updated 22. July 2023
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