That was the Salzburg Pride 2020

Gay Pride: The CSD in Salzburg has taken place as one of the very few Pride events on 5.09.2020. A success for the visibility of the rainbow in Salzburg.

Restoration of the Rainbowbank and Rainbowmarket in the HOSI

For this year’s Salzburg Pride, about 15 sash wearers of the European leather and fetish scene had arrived to fulfill their mission to promote tolerance and stand up against homophobia. The HOSI Salzburg had colored a park bench on the Rosenhügel of the Mirabellgarten as a memorial for tolerance and against homophobia in the colors of the rainbow on 08.08. with the support of female city councilors of the city of Salzburg. A short time later, this bench had already partially become a victim of vandalism. The arrived Mr. and Mrs. Leather and Fetish then brought the bench on Friday afternoon in beautiful sunshine back to its original state – with brush and paint.

Afterwards, the HOSI opened the Rainbowmarket in the HOSI Center on Gabelsbergstraße. Here you could stock up on rainbow accessories for the parade on Saturday. And later play Draqueen Bingo with Gigi LaPajette.

From the main station to the Chamber of Labor

Starting at 4 p.m. on Saturday, in bright sunshine and temperatures around 28 degrees, an ever-growing crowd gathered in front of the main train station for the parade start at 5 p.m.. HOSI head Josef Lindner welcomed the participants and focused on the 40th birthday of HOSI Salzburg, which is actually the oldest institution of its kind in Austria. For 40 years, HOSI Salzburg has persistently and successfully campaigned for tolerance towards lifestyles that deviate from the heterosexual norm and against any kind of homophobia in the city of Salzburg. Relatively punctually, the parade started moving and it became clear that Salzburg would never see such a large parade of the LGBTI scene. At the Chamber of Labor there was the first stopover with short speeches by politicians.

At Mirabellplatz

Rainbow flags were flown in front of Mirabell Palace and here two more politicians came to express their solidarity with the concerns of the demonstration. From the balcony of Mirabell Palace it became clear how many participants the parade already had here.

On the Staatsbrücke

The Staatsbrücke is the most central traffic junction in the city of Salzburg. Here numerous trolley bus lines change the Salzach side, here is the most important entrance to the historic old town. And here the city of Salzburg had hoisted rainbow flags. The parade mixed with Salzburgers, tourists and stuck motorists and did full justice to the Pride motto “Let’s get Loud“. Here the visibility of the rainbow was already more than clear.

To the Old Market

From the Staatsbrücke, the procession stretched the entire length to the Mozartsteg and then turned to the Mozartplatz and Residenzplatz. Suddenly, the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg Cathedral and the Residence provided the backdrop for the rainbow, the likes of which had never been seen before. Arriving at the Old Market Square, the sky darkened, but Peter had a lighter heart and so the final rally at the Floriani Fountain was able to take place halfway dry. With the catholic liturgy borrowed intercessions the individual political demands were recited like a prohibition of the Konversionsthearpie in Austria. The representatives of the leather and fetish scene came to their greetings before the rain then ended the event.

Let’s get Loud!

This year, the Salzburg Pride absolutely lived up to this motto. With about 800-1000 participants, it was the largest CSD that Salzburg has ever seen. The police spoke of 1200 participants, which could also be true from the Staatsbrücke. And even if some program points had to be cancelled, the CSD in Salzburg this year was a loud and visible sign for tolerance and against homophobia in the city of Salzburg.

Long Night of Diversity

On October 17, the next big LGBTI event will take place in Salzburg, when Gigi LaPajette invites to the Long Night of Diversity. Program in four trendy stores – all night! Update: The Long Night of Diversity was canceled today (15.09.).

Published 28. June 2021Updated 4. May 2023
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