Salzburg Pride

Do not give up!

Despite all the joy about the record turnout at this year’s Salzburg Pride, it should not be forgotten that there were also unpleasant things afterwards: Homophobic attacks directly after the parade. And not only in Salzburg but all over Austria. For quite some time.

Immediately at the end of the Salzburg Pride (5.09.2021), there were increasing reports of homophobic assaults on parade participants throughout Austria. And also in the weeks after the event, the news about homophobic aggression did not stop. Almost daily, the media report about physical attacks on allegedly homosexual people, verbal insults or graffitied and destroyed rainbow-coloured park benches all over the country. It seems that the more enlightened one part of society is, the more violent the reaction of the social group that has grown up with the methods of black pedagogy and derives its raison d’être from a deep frustration, ultimately with itself.

Rules of etiquette for the Pride

There is definitely no question of an extroverted display of deviating forms of sexuality from heteronormativity at this year’s Salzburg Pride. Just as it was the case in Berlin, Hamburg or elsewhere and led to the very strange discussion about the exclusion of the leather and fetish community at the Bremen Pride this year. The Salzburg Pride this year was a powerful sign of the presence of the rainbow community in society. A big colourful celebration of all the colours of the rainbow, with twice as many participants as last year. And without any cause for conservative-critical reflection.

Against the backdrop of the aggressive behaviour of reactionary forces described above, it is more necessary than ever that the LGBT community stands together and remembers the message of its ancestors from New York’s Christopher Street – and shows presence. It is a good sign how many people stood on the street at this year’s Salzburg Pride, waved and let themselves be infected by solidarity and good humour. And it is a good sign that the Greens andersrum, the LGBT group of the Austrian Greens, have elected a new leadership duo. Among them Klaus Horvat-Unterdorfer, the organiser of the Salzburg Pride. There are enough issues that are worth fighting for. And what we take to the streets for every year. Do not give up!

Published 20. September 2021Updated 25. June 2023
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