Mr. Leather Austria 2022
Mr. Leather Austria 2022

Leather and Fetish at Salzburg Pride 2023

The leather and fetish community in Salzburg has had a strong presence at the Salzburg Pride for several years. At this year’s Pride Festival, the Salzburg community will again have its own small but fine programme.

Gernot Lindner and Herwig Jäger are the movers and shakers of Salzburg’s leather and fetish community. Gernot was Mr. Leather Austria in 2016 and thus established Salzburg’s attraction for this scene. With their regular fetish evenings, the two have been proving for more than 7 years that even a small city like Salzburg (155,000 inhabitants) can have great charisma in this scene. Last but not least, the inclusion of the group around Gernot and Herwig as “Salzburg-Fetish” to the first federal state section of the LMC Vienna under the new name “LMC Salzburg” was a logical step.

As in previous years, a number of European sash wearers will pay their respects at the 2023 CSD in Salzburg. For example Loki Silvereye from Vienna, the current Mr. Fetish Austria representing LMC Vienna. Or Eddy, current Bavarian Mr. Leather, who represents the MLC from Munich. Other guests are expected, but have not yet been confirmed.

Friday evening there will be a big come-together of the leather and fetish community at the Dark Eagle from 9 pm. Familiar and new faces will get in the mood for the groove inherent in the scene to present themselves to the public over the following two days.

On Saturday, in addition to the parade, the Pride Night will be the hotspot. As last year, the LMC Salzburg is organising the ARGE Studio in the basement of the spacious ARGE Kultur venue. Ambjörn Söderberg from Oslo will be at the DJ booth again, who delivered a fantastic set at the same location last year. Incidentally, the young tradition of the second dance floor at the HOSI festivals has developed from this.

But the LMC Salzburg is also involved in the Pride Festival programme on Thursday and organised the Ralf König evening at the HOSI Salzburg. A certain affinity between Ralf König’s bulbous-nosed men and the leather scene cannot be overlooked. And on Wednesday evening, the LMC Salzburg and Birgit Leichsenring invite you to the Dark Eagle for an infotalk on sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, the activities of the LMC Salzburg run through almost the entire Pride Festival, living up to the request of their forefathers at the Stonewall riots on Christoher Street in New York in 1969. (pege)

For the leather and fetish community, the Best Western Amedia offers discounted rooms for this weekend. These can be requested by sending an email to

Published 2. August 2023

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