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That was the Long Night of Diversity 2022

That was the Long Night of Diversity 2022 on the stages of the Salzburg scene last night. A successful new start into the post-Corona era.

While some were still worried about the number of participants due to the ESC taking place at the same time, many guests from Salzburg and all over came. Salzburg was once again very well attended this weekend and people of all colours mingled at the Long Night of Diversity in the trendy shops HOSI-Bar, Mexxx Gaybar, Dark Eagle and Fungo Bar on the party mile around Steingasse.

A well-mannered Gigi La Pajette and 54 volunteers, mostly from the HOSI Salzburg, gave the visitors a great queer event. Without a mask and – hard to believe – an attitude to life like before Corona.

In the Dark Eagle, the new stage experienced its baptism of fire brilliantly with Mademoiselle Giselle (charming, left) and colleague Sassica Rabbit (rather rustic, right), both from the Lipstick Ball in Vienna. The new stage at Dark Eagle gives the bar room a new dimension, very pleasant. Please leave it there and use it more often 😉

Damir Damn Ear had his first performance, twice (Fungo Bar and HOSI Bar) and performed cover songs by Björk, Sia and his own songs very authentically and with passion. Gigi had her own show at the HOSI Bar and entertained the audience with charming love songs. As well as lewd games everywhere like dildo target throwing, ass shaking or porn karaoke.

There were also some straight guys who just came by. No masks, lots of fun is the clear conclusion of this first big crossover event in the Salzburg scene – after Corona (hopefully). In any case, there were crowds of people in front of the scene shops almost the whole night, in beautiful early summer weather.

And what happens now? Next weekend (20/21 May) you can get to know the Magic Garage, Salzburg’s new drag show at the Narrencastl in Salzburg-Lehen. On 4 June, the queer scene from Salzburg and elsewhere will come together at the HOSI-Fest in the ARGE Kultur for the biggest LGBT scene clubbing in the region. Then there’s the Ladies Night on 3.06. On 17.06 the LMC Salzburg Fetish goes. Meanwhile, David from Mexxx is planning three parties for the summer, one each in June, July and August, dates to come asap. On 25.06. the first of three queer city tours starts this summer (also 30.07. and 3.09.). And on 29.08. this year’s Pride Week begins, culminating with the big CSD parade on 3.09. There will be plenty of occasions to visit Salzburg in the coming months.

Published 16. May 2022Updated 1. July 2022
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