Art, Culture & History in July
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Art, Culture & History in July

Salzburg Festival, Gallery Weekend Salzburg, Queer Short Film Festival and queer city tour follow. July is full of cultural highlights in Salzburg: Art, culture and history in July in Salzburg.

The Salzburg Festival is the world’s most important festival for opera, music and drama. 2022 in 174 performances over 45 days at 17 venues and opens on 18 July. Opera highlights include Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” and Verdi’s “Aida”. In the theatre, Schnitzler’s “Reigen” will be shown alongside “Jedermann”. The 2022 concert programme reads like a Who’s Who of classical music: the Vienna Philharmonic, the Mozarteum Orchestra, the Camerata Salzburg, Christian Thielemann or Daniel Barenboim are just a few highlights from the top-class programme. The series “Orchestra as Guest” opens with the Mahler Youth Orchestra, and Lang Lang and the Berlin Philharmonic can also be heard.

On 23.07. the Queer Short Film Festival goes on the big screen. Embedded in a workshop and a drag party, German-language and international short films will be shown in two series – curated by the Queer Film Festival Munich. The drag party at the end will be hosted by Magic Garage, Salzburg’s new drag show, which recently had a brilliant performance at Narrencastl in Salzburg-Lehen.

The Gallery Weekend Salzburg starts on 27.07. in the gallery pavilion at the Zwergerlgarten. The Gallery Weekend Salzburg invites you to take a walk through the world of art in Salzburg’s galleries. Guided artwalks bring gallery owners, artists and the public together for an exciting exchange.

For example, at the Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg gallery. In the old prince-archbishop’s residence in the heart of Salzburg’s old town, the vaulted rooms give the exhibitions their own, almost chamber-music-like character. In the 16th century basement, the oldest part of the bishop’s palazzo in terms of building history, interventions by the youngest generation of artists are shown.

Art in Bauhaus

The gallery house built in 1932 in the Bauhaus style at Ignaz-Rieder-Kai 9 in Aigen an der Salzach is part of the Galerie in der Residenz. Contemporary art is the theme here. A 360 m², two-storey hall is attached to the gallery house with its sculpture garden: rooms flooded with daylight open up exhibition possibilities here that cannot be found in the Residenz due to the spatial concept. The grounds open up charming views into small, enclosed patios which, like the garden, are used for sculpture projects. In this ambience, the gallery hosts the Art Lounge on Saturdays from 12 to 4 pm during the festival season. In a summery atmosphere in the garden by the Salzach, talk to artists and gallery owners about their work and get inspired.

On 30.07., the Queer City Tour with Roman Forisch will take place again. Salzburg’s thousand-year history is interspersed with queer personalities who have had a decisive influence on the city’s fate. Be it Bishop Arn over 1000 years ago or Ludwig-Viktor, the youngest brother of the Habsburg Emperor Franz-Josef I. Two entertaining and informative hours of walking through Salzburg’s history.

Art, culture and history in Salzburg in July – plenty! The Salzburg Festival comes to an end at the end of August. At the same time, Prideweek Salzburg begins. Salzburg – the cosmopolitan city in summer, as Verena Altenberger, this year’s Buhlschaft of Jedermann, explains with commitment in the trailer for the 2021 Festival. Culturally and queerly. Summer is Salzburg at its best.

Published 12. July 2022Updated 27. July 2022
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