Salzburg Queer Update

16.05.2024 “Confessing Waekness” is the title of an exhibition on queer history at this year’s Salzburg Summer Academy. The finissage is also one of the opening events of this year’s Pridefestival Salzburg. The next 12 months are full of special queer events, which can now be found in the recently published Salzburg Gay Guide 2024. And make Salzburg more exciting than ever as a destination for queer people. [Read more]

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The streets of Salzburg become colourful!

The city of Salzburg has its third rainbow zebra crossing. Right in front of the front door of HOSI Salzburg, the city sets a sign for the diversity of all people in the city of Mozart. With a kind of happening in best summer weather, the zebra crossing in Paris Lodron-Straße at the corner of Franz-Josef-Straße was opened to traffic by City Councillor Anna Schiester. [Read more]


The HOSI Salzburg has finally arrived in its new premises in Franz-Josef-Straße and honoured this with a marathon of events. From Thursday to Saturday, the successful move was celebrated with all the people who are devoted to the HOSI Salzburg. And everyone came, from the mayor of the city of Salzburg to the volunteers, without whom nothing would work. [Read more]

2023 can come

2022 is going, 2023 is coming. After Corona, the queer scene in Salzburg is in a mood of change. After a very successful CSD 2022, the HOSI Salzburg moved to a new location. A number of queer events have already been fixed for 2023, from cinema to sex parties to ballet highlights. 2023 can come! [Read more]


The HOSI moves

On 30.11. the HOSI Salzburg in Gabelsbergerstraße 26 is history. 13 years of history of work for homoemancipation in the city of Mozart. From the beginning of December, the HOSI Salzburg will present itself in a new outfit. At a location that is so much more in the life of the city of Salzburg. [Read more]

This will be the Salzburg Pride 2022

This year, Pride Weekend Salzburg will become Pride Week Salzburg. A week full of programmes for the visibility of the rainbow in the city on the Salzach. From 29 August to 4 September, Salzburg will once again be under the sign of the rainbow. The programme is out now. An ambitious week of queer culture. [Read more]

Countdown to the Long Night of Diversity

After the vernissage and the crime dinner, Gigi LaPajette will be in Salzburg from Wednesday to make the final preparations for the Long Night of Diversity, the next queer highlight in the city of Mozart. In addition to games of all kinds, this time there will also be a colourful cabaret programme in all four participating shops until early Sunday morning. [Read more]


The murderer is almost always the gardener

Today, for once, it wasn’t the gardener, even though he played an alibi-bearing role in Gigi LaPajette’s crime dinner at the Living Room. Salzburg’s drag queen brought a new colour to queer life in Salzburg with this event. A surprising event with a great fun factor. [Read more]

Long Night of Diversity 2022

The queer scene is colourful and diverse – also in Salzburg. To celebrate this attitude towards life, the Long Night of Diversity in Salzburg on 14 May is this year’s kick-off for the Austrian Pride season 2022. One night of partying and programme for a good cause, as 100% of the proceeds will go to the Corona-battered HOSI Salzburg. [Read more]

The Danes have it good!

In Denmark, almost all Corona restrictions have been lifted today (27.01.). The vaccination rate is very high, the incidence is also high and the situation in the hospitals is relaxed. And in this country? Events are cancelled in rows and we are waiting for a return to normal life. The Danes have it pretty good. [Read more]


Hyperion im Andräviertel

Vernissage, Crime Dinner and Queer Party

A special queer event is coming up in Salzburg from 21 to 23 April 2022. Photographer Elfriede Pöttgen has portrayed 50 protagonists for the visibility of the rainbow in the photo campaign “ICH” (I) and will exhibit the result in a vernissage on 21 April. On 22.04. there will be a Queer Party from 7 p.m. with music and atmosphere by DJane Petra Pan. And on 23 April there will be a get-together of Austrian drag queens at “Crime and Dine”.  [Read more]

Off into the night!

Since yesterday (1.07.2021), significantly relaxed Corona rules have been in force in Austria. This mainly affects the (night) gastronomy. The curfew has been abolished. This means that bars and clubs are once again free to decide on their opening hours. The obligation to wear masks in pubs and at the bar is history. However, the 3G rule still applies. [Read more]

“Love is in the Air“

The HOSI Salzburg has announced the date for the Salzburg Pride 2021. A glimmer of hope in gloomy times. “Love is in the Air” is not the description of the current mood in this pernicious Corona pandemic, but the motto of the Salzburg Pride 2021. This was decided by the [Read more]